The Holy Grail of Book Launching and Book Publishing


How to become a Bestselling author

No more worries about how to market, publish and promote your book successfully. 
Follow Mimi’s 5 STEP-ACTION-GUIDE and EASY-TO-FOLLOW TEMPLATES for an enjoyable and rewarding launch.

What does it mean to become a #1 Bestselling author on Amazon?

It means that you are the one that sells the most books on Amazon in your chosen categories and your book will receive a pretty orange bestselling banner. Your friends will now introduce you as their ‘bestselling author friend.’

That’s pretty cool!

Which steps to take to become a Bestselling author on Amazon?

  • Write the best possible book and give your audience awesome value.
  • Follow Mimi’s mini tutorials to maximise the popularity of your book effortlessly.
  • Create the most appealing cover.
  • Choose a descriptive title and subtitle.
  • Use appropriate keywords.
  • Choose your categories carefully.
  • Organise a support team.
  • Find the right audience to present your book to.
  • Book the most effective promotions at the right time.


How to get started on this?

You can start by reading just 37 pages (pages 15 to 52 in the paper copy) and do what Mimi did in her TEN-STEP-MARKETING-PLAN.

Skyrocket your success as an author

Your story is your legacy, let’s make it the best it can be!

The Holy Grail of Book Launching contains the minimum steps necessary to PUBLISH A BOOK SUCCESSFULLY ON AMAZON. No fluff and most steps will apply to most platforms or can be adjusted as such.
Each and every step is explained in minute detail in The Holy Grail of Book Launching. 

All, yes A L L, will be explained with a multitude of mini-tutorials which quickly in an easy-peasy way explain how to write your very own BESTSELLER.

If you want to be a BESTSELLING AUTHOR this will be the best purchase you can make, without a doubt. 

There are different covers for the kindle and the paper copy.

Three Volumes for the price of One!

Three Volumes for the price of One in which the author, who has written multiple bestsellers, shares all her secrets.

Mimi credits her mentors in the book and thanks Jenny Wagner, Grace Chapman, Michael Hyatt, Chandler Bolt, John Kremer, Tom Morkes, Penny Sansevieri, Paul Brodie, Dave Chesson, Tim Grahl, Barry Watson, Ocean Reeve for their support.
As a bonus, the book includes many secrets from her bestselling author friends such as Joanna Jast, Kathryn Jones, Kylie Ansett, Nick Daniel, Davina Chessid, Rupert Colley, Brittany Barbera and Sally Miller.

Would You Like To Know More?

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Live Your Best Life by Writing Your Own Eulogy

Live Your Best Life by Writing Your Own Eulogy

Includes Sample Eulogy to-be, Templates, and Reverse Engineer How To's

This book will change your life, for sure. Read this short one-hour-book to change your life for the better.



Mimi's Eulogy-to-be is a sample of how to write your own eulogy and includes a template with directions for anyone at any stage in their life to create a life filled with joy.

Is it possible to design a path to Joy and heal your Life?

How do we get the life we want? Sometimes we need a wake-up call to understand that "Our life does not just 'happen,' but whether we know it or not, it is carefully designed by us as quoted from Dr Covey's bestseller.
This is what happened for Mimi
Mimi's appendix had ruptured, septicemia was spreading through her abdominal wall. Surgeons decided against operating, citing a 3 in 5 chance of an adverse outcome. Hideous pain relentlessly pulsated through her body whilst her daughter continuously refused for morphine to be administered.
My Story of Survival explains what happened when her eldest daughter received a premonition a couple of weeks before Mimi's medical emergency admission to hospital.

It is now nearly ten years later and Mimi is thriving. One essential component of her recovery was her change of mindset which came about when her Guardian Angel kicked her bum and wrote her eulogy. 'Is this how you would like to be remembered?' This powerful meditation became the thought she went to bed with and the thought she woke up with.

'Hell no!' She did not want to be remembered for her untidy drawers, her failures, her decline in social status, poor health, broken relationship, loss of home and fortune.


How does she want to be remembered? Her aspirations and dreams are written up in her eulogy to-be. It doesn't matter if you believe in angels or not. 'Something or someone' in the universe listens in when we write down our deepest desires and wishes as if they have already happened. And there is a response and 'things' happen. Good things mainly.

How did she recover?
After Mimi's Eulogy to-be was written, she's become a bestselling author and her books have listed #1 bestseller in more than 40 categories on Amazon.
Now Mimi is sharing her formula so that others can also recover from life's inevitable knocks and bumps in the road and thrive and live their best possible life.

A Eulogy to-be cuts through all the fluff in no time and as such is the perfect tool for entrepreneurs setting out a trajectory for their life and projects. For business people planning their strategies, teachers, anyone involved with rehabilitating patients and sports people. Mums and Dads running households and politicians.Do you want to be remembered for that fountain with your name engraved on it spewing water in the air, or for finding homes for homeless people in your town?

For inspiration on how to write your own eulogy to-be read Mimi's. And also her daughter's which arguably could well be 'The Best Eulogy Ever Written,' when the time arrives. In addition read famous eulogies such as The Rev. Mychal Judge by the Rev. Michael Duffy and Mahatma Mohandas Gandhi's Funeral Eulogy by Jawaharlal Nehru.  Diana Spencer by her brother Charles Spencer, Space Shuttle Challenger Crew by Ronald Reagan, Rosa Parks by Oprah Winfrey, Steve Irwin by Bindi Irwin, Steve Jobs by Mona Simpson, The Rev. Clementa Pinckney by President Barack Obama, Graham Chapman by John Cleese, Lorna Colbert by Stephen Colbert and  Richard Nixon by Bill Clinton.

Your Story creates a legacy; make it the best it can be!

Yes, you can continue drifting through life and allow things to 'happen to you.' Or you can reverse engineer your life, grab hold of it and 'make it behave!'

There is something miraculous about sharing your dreams and aspirations with the universe; Angels listen in...

Download Mimi's Eulogy-to-be to find out what happened after she experienced a medical emergency and wrote her eulogy-to-be.



God Healed Me

24 BONUS inspiring healing scripture printables are included. These are Popular and Favourite Verses and Promises for Healing.

This is the black & white version of GOD HEALED ME. You can download the colourful gift version here

Head over heels
Whilst experiencing major life challenges Mimi discovers the power of God's Holy Word and falls head over heels. She describes how God's Word helps her cast out bad spirits that are trying to keep her down. She relates how these 24 Scripture verses, as well as an abundance of other verses, lift her spirit, turn her life around and get her back on her feet. 

As Joyce Meyer says so eloquently; It has a lot to do with winning the battle in your mind. These powerful Scripture verses contain prayers and lessons that will change your life forever.

With the help of the FREE Scripture cards it will be a breeze to memorise these verses from the Bible quick and easy and learn to walk in the power of God.
Prayer time effortless and easy
Mimi created the prayer book GOD HEALED ME to make prayer time effortless and easy so that others may find similar comfort and healing.

Blessings and healing
Before Mimi started reading the Bible she experienced despair and despondency. She was ready to throw in the towel.
Nowadays with her new found faith, Mimi's days are filled with hope and comfort, peace, joy, love, blessings and healing. Mimi discovers what churches and believers have known for millennia; God's Word heals. It truly does!

Survey on prayer
A survey on prayer from shows us that 68% of Christians pray more than once a day. More than 70% of all Christians and Jewish people pray for health and safety, and respectively 93% and 74% pray for God's guidance.

Only 0.6% of Christians think that their prayers are never answered whilst 2.9% of Jewish people think the same.

In contrast a whopping 43% of Christians say that their prayers are often answered whilst 27.5% says that they are ALWAYS answered.

Jewish people say that 12.7% of their prayers are always answered and 33.1% often.

More statistics from the survey are listed in GOD HEALED ME.

The power of prayer
In a randomized, double-blind study at coronary-care unit at San Francisco general Hospital with cardiologist Randolph Byrd, 393 patients were studied and neither the doctors and nurses nor the patients knew who would be the object of prayer.

Dramatic prayer results surprised many scientists.
Patients who were prayed for needed fewer drugs and spent less time on ventilators. They fared better overall than their counterparts. GOD HEALED ME lists the interesting and promising results of this study.

Prayer gets people better faster
"Studies have shown prayer can prevent people from getting sick, and when they do get sick, prayer can help them get better faster."
An exhaustive analysis of more than 1,500 reputable medical studies "indicates people who are more religious and pray more have better mental and physical health."
 Dr. Harold G Koenig of Duke University.

Prayer works
"Prayer works," says Dr. Matthews, associate professor of medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, D.C., after reviewing more than 200 studies linking religious commitment and health, cited in his book, The Faith Factor.
Dr. Matthews cites studies suggesting that, people who pray are less likely to get sick, are more likely to recover from surgery and illness, and are better able to cope with their illnesses than people who don't pray.

Thirty medical schools in America now offer courses in faith and medicine.

My Story of Survival

Ten ingredients only for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Mimi lived on ten ingredients in total for a period of five years; for breakfast, lunch and dinner, every single day.

Her diet contains no gluten, eggs, sugar, fructose, grains, flours, nuts, seeds, meat, beans, soy, and no legumes. Initially, her diet contained no dairy either.

Mimi's diet may benefit anyone who suffers from gut problems, allergies, food intolerances, sensitive gut or chemical sensitivities. This includes people who have been diagnosed with autoimmune conditions, Lyme, Lupus, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel and fibromyalgia.

The author's One Size Fits All diet has a lot in common with the FODMAP diet plan which was developed by Sue Shepherd PhD and Peter Gibson MD, and is considered a revolutionary plan for managing IBS and other digestive disorders. But even this so called 'must-have-survival-guide' would not have worked for Mimi after she ruptured her appendix and developed septicaemia whilst suffering from antibiotic intolerance.

The surprising ten ingredients in Mimi's diet can quickly set people back on a path to achieve optimum health. Her healthy diet is an easy short read and a great beginners guide to healthy living.

By repairing her gut, Mimi's health improved exponentially and many of the symptoms either disappeared or were greatly reduced.

The author reckons that the secret ingredient of 'oodles of faith'worked miracles. Read Mimi's fascinating true story to find out what happened.