Letters to my Godson: Is God Real (Dear Godchild)

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Effortlessly Create Lasting Memories with Your Godson Explain where God shows up for you in your life

Millions of parents cannot be wrong. A Godparent is a valuable person in a child’s life.

What if you aren’t able to visit your Godchild due to health or distance? How do you keep creating memories and connections with your young family?

Mimi’s Letters to her Godchild open the door to repeat encouraging and engaging conversations about Our Heavenly Father. These can be the most important 5 minutes you spend with your Godchild on a regular basis when you recall how and when God showed up for you.

Create a Firm Foundation For Your Godchild

Each letter addresses one question about Our Heavenly Father and encourages the Godparent to become a co-author. In between the chapters are two or three blank pages where you and your child can add in recollections of your own.

Your Godchild will look forward to the times where you sit down together in real life or through Zoom or Skype and discuss where God shows up for you. It’ll be fun to create a record together in the ‘Letters to My Godson book.

This will be a wonderful legacy to leave behind for your Godchild, who will treasure your contribution for years to come.

Comments from Readers

“The author seems very well versed in her understanding of the Bible and her intent to share that knowledge lovingly with her grandson comes through. If I were her grandson, I would be touched to receive her letters and would consider them keepsakes.”

“This is such a sweet book that shows the motherly love that even godmother should have… I think this would make a wonderful book that could be read out loud in children’s groups at church and should be on the list for all Christian parents.”

“An ideal book for parents, aunts and uncles and friends everywhere who have been honoured with a god parent request, and don’t know what to do. Now you do!”

This Book is Unique

The added blank pages make this book unique because it means that

  • you can become a co-author and this book will

  • facilitate strengthening the bond with your child through family stories and prayer time

  • In a fun way, help your Godchild find out about God and how He is present in our lives.

Content of Letters to my Godchild

We’ll answer questions such as,

Where does God live?

What is His name?

What is the name of His book?

What is the name of His religion?

Who else believes in God?

Where does He show up?

What do we know about God?

What are His teachings?