Reframe Your Viewpoints 

by Virginia Ritterbusch


DO YOU EVER FIND yourself ruminating about frustrations while driving and you can’t seem to determine what action or decision to make as to how to handle a situation?

51K-um22AwLDO YOU EVER FIND you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night because you are unable to let go of your mental chatter?

DO YOU EVER FIND you have doubts that interfere with your ability to move toward your goals? Feel overwhelmed? Or think is your life spinning in stress?

DOES your confusion lead to depression?

  • REFRAMING YOUR VIEWPONTS will provide 8 strategies to use as building blocks to the reframing technique—the key tool to helping you gain control over run-away worries that affect your personal healthThis book will teach the power of linguistics in establishing new and lasting neural pathways that lead to clear decision-making.
  • The reframing technique will transform doubts into positive energy
  • Clear away mental chatter to produce clarity through mindfulness
  • Present philosophies that re-enforce your understanding of yourself
  • Reduce stress and tension
  • Restore balance, improve sleep, and bring calm into your daily life.

REFRAMING YOUR VIEWPOINTS is based on a proven and professionally accepted technique that immediately turns a problem into an OPPORTUNITY.


  • How alternate thoughts reconstruct your perception of a stressful situation within moments of awareness
  • How concepts, skills, and strategies build the habit of REFRAMING
  • How attending to your tensions contributes to your health management
  • How to empower forward movement by the management of stress

LEARNING THE REFRAMING TECHNIQUE is quick and can produce results today. Employing the REFRAMING technique, while simultaneously establishing the 8 other strategies, will transform your life forever.

WHAT’S STOPPING YOU from turning your stress and anxiety into confidence and peace?





Virginia has a desire to help people stretch and grow in how they navigate life. Virginia believes people are capable of making in-the-moment choices that will lead them to their desires and goals. Combining information and incentive sets the stage for their choosing to create change that can lead them toward attaining their desired wishes. Her own achievement in successfully and permanently learning how to manage stress and anxiety has produced revolutionary change in how she walks through her days. Through her willingness to be vulnerable and share her past, she hopes to provide hope for others around the world.

Virginia chose to explore why irrational fear, obsessive thinking, body image dissatisfaction, discomfort in life, and depression plagued her. The personal research evident in her book provides concrete concepts to help people understand their stress and methods to achieve their goals. Through courageously stretching herself beyond what she had accepted as her lot in life, Virginia has attained a life almost free from the oppressions with which she once lived. As a certified life coach, she has found an avenue in which to pursue her connection with people: www.CreatingChangeLifeCoaching.com.

Virginia and her husband have been married for 43 years and have two grown children and three grandchildren. They reside in Orlando, Florida, and share a life rich in family interactions, including their traveling as often as possible to Bogotá, Colombia, where their daughter and her family reside. They bring God into their lives daily, and together enjoy music, dancing, reading, and being in their home.


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