Antidotes to the Mark of the Beast

Are we living in the end times? Only God knows.
How to make sure that we're marked by God and not by the beast?
This easy step-by-step guide will remove your fear to be marked by the beast once and for all.
God's Holy Word tells us that we all have a choice. We can choose to be stamped with lawlessness, or be stamped with the seal of God's Love.
You can watch Antidotes to the Mark of the Beast on Mimi Emmanuel MOSAIC HOUSE.

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The Image of the Beast Vs Image of God - Who is on the Lord's side?

Could we unknowingly be following the beast and without meaning to, could we be embracing his image?

 Must read
Eye-opening read. Well researched with plenty of references. How were we so deceived? 5-stars by Believer on Amazon.

Spot on and very well researched
I've read the questions and your answers. I have to admit they are spot on and very well researched. Thank you so much for sharing this information.
I see things now from a different perspective and see what I can change in my life. Ira E.

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Companion Reference Manual for The Image of the Beast Vs Image of God

What would our life be like without images? Better or worse? What does the Bible have to say about pictures, likenesses and images?
'Evil in the sight of the Lord' more often than not refers to imagery.

This book is a compilation of hundreds of Scripture verses which help us get an understanding of what God means when He tells us 'not to create an image or likeness of anything.'



The Core Message of the Bible in a Few Pages - God's Love Rules: The Truth About The Good News (The Truth, Love & God series Book 3)

 A comprehensive look into the core message of the Bible
"This book is excellent for anyone who is interested in digging deeper into the Bible to understand what it's really about. It is very well researched and written with a lot of great insight and explanations. It will be great to use for Bible study groups as well. Highly recommend this book for churches and church leaders as well as all believers." 5-stars by reens

WHAT IS TRUE LOVE ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE?: "Love Is When Your Name Is Safe In Someone's Mouth" (The Truth, Love & God Series Book 2)

A well written manual about true love based on the Bible!
"I loved this book. The author shares her reflections and research based on in depth study of Scriptures. She writes in clear concise terms and dispels the myths about true love — being just unconditional!
I appreciated the stories and action steps enlisted in this book to understand and practice what true love really means. I highly recommend this read. It’s interesting, thought provoking and different. I will come back to this book again to study in depth the references cited." 5-stars by Anita Oommen


This is Love According to GOD's Will - This is Love: "Hmph. You're one of those Christians" (The Truth, Love & God series Book 1)

Great Book
"This is a book that I would recommend reading. It lets people know that Jesus came to show us love and that is and was his full purpose. She also helps to remind us that we need to live like Jesus because His grace, mercy, love, and compassion is what set's us apart and helps people see Jesus within us. I appreciate this book and feel that it is a great read." 5-star review by heavnbound


Letters to my Godson: Is God Real (Dear Godchild Book 1

Every children's group in church should own a copy of this book.
"This is such a sweet book that shows the motherly love that even godmother should have. I have actually learned things about Christianity I didn't know which makes me less educated than Mimi's godson Lewis. I think this book is best if purchased as a paperback as it has blank pages that people can write messages for their (god)children themselves. I think this would make a wonderful book that could be read out loud in children's groups at church and should be on the list for all Christian parents." 5-stars by Otakara Klettke


Love of My Life: Poetry for Puppy Lovers

 Great Emotional Stories
"I loved this book. It had a ton of wonderful stories about man's best friend. Anyone that has pets, will absolutely love the gems inside the covers of this book. Sure, some tears, but it is worth the time to take to settle down in your favorite chair or reclining in bed." 5-stars by Ken Keiscome


The Holy Grail of Book Publishing: All your questions answered - 3 Volume set - A bestselling author’s complete manual to self-publishing and marketing your book

 The Wikipedia of Publishing - in a series of tasty bites.

"How do you yeat the elephant of self publishing? Bite by bite! This book is incorrectly named - it is the complete Encyclopedia and Wikipedia of how to be a successful bestselling author. Whether you are a newbie or already have a few books published, this book gives you all the steps to successfully navigate the increasingly perilous path to enduring bestselling status. I love the author's humour... 5-stars by Susan Jagannath

GOD Healed me: 24 Healing Scripture Verses and Promises that helped me recover. Colour Edition (Live Forever Book 1)

This book is beautifully written and illustrated with full page scriptures making it a perfect, bedside, spiritual companion.
"God Healed Me” is an inspiring book of faith and trust in a higher power. The author provides personal testimony on how she overcame tremendous challenges and illness. She movingly conveys to the reader how she was able to find, not only strength but healing, via God's word. This book is beautifully written and illustrated with full page scriptures making it a perfect, bedside, spiritual companion." 5-stars by Kris P


GOD HEALED ME Prayer Journal - 24 Healing Scripture Verses and Promises That Helped Me Recover

Wonderful Book...
" Wonderful book!! I love all of her books!! Very helpful and beautifully written!" 5-stars by Sylvia Weems

Mimi's Book Launch Plan: How to launch your ebook easy-peasy, with diary notes of 31-day count-down and to-do overview

A wonderful resource!

"How-to Launch your E-Book Easy-Peasy is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to write and publish a book! I'm always reading about this topic, so I feel that I have a good sense of what’s out there. This is a different and fresh approach because it gives information from a fun and personal perspective (telling the story of one woman’s success in spite of many challenges, including no internet!) it’s easier to read and follow than other books on the same topic - but it has all the information and more. There’s a ton of great, detailed, practical advice about everything from the writing to the promotions that come after publishing. The author’s voice is light and encouraging and makes it all seem possible. I loved it." 5-stars by amazoncust

Live Your Best Life by Writing your own Eulogy: Includes Sample Eulogy to-be, Templates, and Reverse Engineer How To's

This book has given me a fresh boost of energy in life! Such a miracle!

"It is not too late.
You can begin again. Today.
Your life's story creates your legacy. Re-write it if need be. It is not too late to intentionally start creating your legacy, the best it can be.

I am so encouraged as I read this book. If for some reason you had looked back in life what this book does is it gives you a jolt to look ahead and run your race with great agility!

Mimi Emmanuel guides the reader in this book to start living every single minute of their lives as a bonus. I have read another book by Mimi Emmanuel and her attention to detail and excellence is of a person who truly experienced a near death experience and treasures the value of living her life on purpose." 5-stars by Amazon Customer

My Story of Survival: The ultimate low-reactive diet for allergies, gut problems, food intolerances and chemical sensitivities

Very inspiring, interesting and informative book!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading “My Story of Survival” by Mimi Emmanuel as I also struggle with some food intolerance but nothing like Mimi! She was once a very healthy, active, busy person who eventually burned out from chronic stress and became increasingly intolerant of various foods and chemicals. She ended up with a number of pancreatic attacks, inoperable ruptured appendix with septicemia plus an intolerance to antibiotics.

It is amazing to read about her struggles, trials, errors, and triumphs as she pushed forward to find a solution to her adverse food reactions and many sensitivities. Mimi’s character, strength and faith shine through by the fact that she was able to live on only 10 food ingredients or less for five years. Her daughters are also to be commended for the care they give to their mother.

She provides great advice and nutritional facts plus the reasons her diet has worked for her. Mimi does not encourage this diet for most, as it is very restrictive, but does want to share her knowledge and experience for those coming to a dead end trying to figure out their dietary challenges and chemical sensitivities.

I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to read an amazing and inspiring survival story based on nutrition, perseverance and faith, and/or for others needing encouragement and dietary options while struggling with food and chemical intolerance. 5-stars by M. Betlach


God always answers our prayers.  

But are we listening?

Find out why it is important to pay attention to this small inner voice. Discover what happened to Mimi when she ignored nudges and her gut feeling.

Read how Mimi broke her back in three places and why this may be a good thing.

Read and share, ‘Be Careful What You Pray For,’ to improve rider safety and reduce horse-related injuries.