How to Simultaneously post to the BIG 5

How to
Simultaneously post
to the BIG 5

As we market our goods and services, we’re told that it is a good idea to write regular blogposts. I’ve discovered that not many people are aware of this nifty WP feature where you can post to the BIG 5 social media networks in one go.

When I mention the BIG 5, I am referring to the high traffic social media networks Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and WordPress.

You need an account with all of these to be able to make a post on any of them.

Once you’ve set up your accounts with the BIG 5, go to your WordPress account and write a blog post.

When I write on my WordPress Blog .com account this is set to automatically share with my Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In and Google plus accounts. How sweet is that?

This may be different for WordPress Blog .org users and more on this at the end of the document. users may need to install the Jetpack plug-in.

  1. How to simultaneously post to the BIG 5?
    The feature to automatically share my post on my other social media is found on the left of my WP portal beneath the Sharing button.

You can see that I have selected to share with two Facebook accounts, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. That’s 6 accounts! Click, done! Easy-peasy and effortless sharing for free.


  1. How do you connect this service up?

By clicking on the + CONNECT NEW SERVICE BUTTON underneath these accounts. When you click that button what will come up on the right hand side in your WP portal is a list of social media sites that you can link up with.


  1. How to prepare for blog posts to be shared in advance?

To prepare my posts in advance I click on the PUBLISH button, on the left of the page and set the date and time I would like my post to be shared.


Voila ici. Done! Easy-peasy, for FREE.

One click of your mouse can post to 7 accounts

In addition, you can add your blog URL to your Goodreads account as well as link up your blog in Amazon Author Central. This will give you two additional media accounts with a large exposure displaying your blog content to their audiences.

  1. Write a post on WordPress and automatically post to
  2. Facebook
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. Google+
  6. Goodreads (when linked up)
  7. Amazon (when linked up)

The above tutorial was for WordPress users. Below I mention a few modifications for .org users.

For users

  1. Install Jetpack plug-in, either by searching on the add new plug-in page or downloading here.

Activate the plug-in and on the plugins setting page make sure ‘Publicize’ is on.

  1. Create a new post

When making a new post you will see in the top right box under ‘Publish immediately Edit’ and above the publish button, the words Publicize and ‘edit details’ and ‘settings.’


The first time you use this feature you’ll have to click on the blue coloured SETTINGS as above. After this you can link up all your social media sites to this WordPress account.


  1. Go back to image 2. Under CREATE A NEW POST to see what the box should look like when your social media is linked up.

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Wishing fellow authors happy writing and successful launching.
Remember your story is your legacy, make it the best it can be!




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