Thank you to so many people and one in particular. She helped me set up this site. Actually, that is not true, she did not help me set up this site, she set up the site for me, singlehandedly. The only help she got from me were grunts of disagreement and nods of approval. She proofreads and moderates for me, she provides pretty much all the artwork and sorts out all technical issues. Well, you get it, this site would not be up and running without her. So this is one big THANK YOU! to my wonderful helper who was born twenty-five years ago with a little help from me.

God made me to laugh, and she certainly helps to keep the laughter going!

Many thanks to SUPERWOMAN who sang this song so beautifully for my daughter.

My other daughter helped me in so many different ways that I cannot even begin to list them. Much of the art work and music for my other sites  and endaveours came from her and with her help. As  you can see, I am supremely blessed with my offspring and benefit much from their creative talent.

Many thanks to Kim Norman for your wonderful rendition of ‘Do you wanna be my friend.’

I am immensely grateful and indebted to both my children for their help, assistance and encouragement.

Other favourite people and sites

More Favourite People and Sites

My Favourite sites…where do I begin? i have so many favourite sites. Keep checking in as I keep adding favourite sites and favourite people.

Some of these sites are affiliate sites and this means that we are partners and when I refer a person to these sites I may get rewarded for this. I obviously only list sites and people here that I have tried and tested myself and am VERY HAPPY with. However what works for me may not work for you and your niche, so use your discretion when you decide to sign up or trial these services.


Workshop 2Easy2Publish

100 days

Fabulous tuition by bestselling author SUSAN JAGANNATH : Take the first steps to get your  bestseller done in a fun, fast paced workshop!

Also check out her facebook page, Bestseller Bytes.


Help with publishing your book


It is with the help of Self publishing School that I became a bestselling author and published four books in one year! THANK YOU Chandler and TEAM. You’re the BEST!

You can watch Chandler’s free video series on how to become a bestselling author in three months. Chandler Bolt delivers what he promises.


Paul Brodie is the President of BrodieEDU, an education consulting firm that specializes in the development of literacy programs, motivational seminars for universities and corporations, and wellness education. He is also the CEO of Brodie Consulting Group, which specializes in coaching clients with publishing their own books and advising clients on branding, marketing, self-improvement and personal development. Paul is a multiple bestselling author who recently added a new coaching section specifically for authors. You can claim your free coaching call here.

Paul is an enormous inspiration to me and everyone he meets. If you’re after one-on-one, he’s your man!


Austin Netzley, founder of Epic Book Launch, has agreed to give you his Epic Book Launch Program at a huge 99% discount. For anyone else this costs $497, but you can grab it right now for just seven bucks ($7)! 66 videos will teach you how to successfully write, publish and launch your book even if you have no existing audience or marketing ‘know-how.’ Austin includes various ways to promote your book that are not mentioned by me. You can get access to his course here.

I have written four bestsellers and still learned HEAPS! Thank you Austin for this unbelievable deal.


Help with finding your niche



K-lytics is one of the best, if not THE BEST site,  to help you with finding your niche on Amazon. I discovered Alex’ site when he was just starting out and he has helped me time and again to find the best niche for my books.

How to find the “best” genre if you start on a clean sheet of paper as a writer or publisher? And if you already have a genre of choice, how to find the most profitable niches within it?

To find videos and research reports for best placement of your book(s) click here.


Help with promoting your book


I love BOOKS GO SOCIAL. Laurence is a good sort and helped me promote The Holy Grail of Book Launching.

Books Go Social send emails to 100,000 readers each week. Their Facebook reader and author groups allowed me to reach 30,973 members to promote my book. And their tweets receive over 3.5 million real views in each 28 days period. What’s there not to like about service like that!

Their author services are top notch and with his help my book sold many copies.


Awesome Book Promotion takes all the stress out of book promotion because they will stack your book promo across multiple days for you on various sites. Your promotion will be featured on the homepage of the websites and also go out in that sites newsletters and social media. Code MIMI will get you a $15 discount from which will put your book on 5 sites and in their newsletters. Vinny’s promos helped me get many eyes on my books!

My friend Jenny at Fiverr will do a blast for you on more than 200 Facebook groups.

Jenny will also do eBook FORMATTING, eBook Design, convert to Kindle format, ePub and Pdf.

Jenny is my go-to girl and as far as I’m concerned is the ultimate Virtual Assistant. 



This lady is pure FUN! She’ll do an author interview which will have you in stitches and her promo price and service is one of the very best. I highly recommend Ellen’s services, your book link and interview will stay on her site forever and you can check out my author interview here.


Help with marketing your book



Dave has the best resources and tools for self publishing writers. Check out his blog where he shares amazing resources and tools, such as for instance:  How To Create A Professional Author Page In Amazon Author Central,  How To Write A Compelling Author Bio, KDP Rocket will show you the exact book ideas that will make you money on Amazon and much much more! Not only that, he’s a real FUN guy too!



Jeff Bullas is one of the top global influencers, consultants and strategists on social media marketing. He has helped many people and brands become visible through the power of Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

Go to Jeff’s Resource page and follow his advice. Like seriously. If that’s all you’ll do, you’ll be doing real well!

I was in a real pickle one day and asked Jeff to help me out. He didn’t think twice. Jeff, you’re a LEGEND!



I honestly think that this is one of the best books on the market for advice on how to market your book. John has been at this for a long time and it shows. He truly is a leader in the industry and his book is chockers with information and marketing techniques. It’s a case of ‘get it, you won’t regret it.’


Just a yummy website for authors. The good people from Adazing are all about making ADAZINGyour life as an author EASIER!

Excellent site with a massive amount of tools and tips for when you’re publishing, marketing and selling your books.


Write the best possible copy

Ray teaches us how to sell more without being salesy. Ray says that the modern copywriter RAY EDWARDS LOGO
must persuade but not pressure, motivate but not manipulate,  and sell by serving. I like that a lot. Selling is serving and it is nice to be able to do this in the best possible way with Ray’s help.


For re-energising


My family and I listen to Nehemia Gordon who is a biblical scholar and Keith Johnson fromNEHEMIA WALL LOGO BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS LOGOBiblical Foundations Academy who both inspire people around the world to build a biblical foundation for their faith. Their series Prophet Pearls is a treat and can also be listened to on itunes.

Every now and then I find myself in the pews of Scumlikeuschurch for a good dose of
reality checks from Greg just telling it as it is.


Just the other day I stumbled across James Watkins site and his  hope and humour is kinda funny. I liked the excerpts I read about his book ‘Squeezing Good out of Bad.’

Be kind


Look what lovely graphics the
Christian Woman Magazine come up with.


Books, books and more books and the wonderful authors that wrote these


Geoff is my favourite person for Joint and Muscle Repairs and all round good sort to boot.

geoff dakinCheck out his site and his book, Amazon Bestseller THE BODY MECHANICS which is one of a kind and my favourite. Geoff’s system helps people to realign their body with a progressive and adjustable very gentle exercise regime from which I’m benefiting very much.

Most of us suffer from body misalignment one way or another and this is the first system that I have come across that very gently and systematically addresses the misalignment in a way that is manageable and makes A LOT of sense.
What about not progressing on with a particular exercise and only moving on once you’ve mastered it? How about doing extra exercises for the side which causes you more grief. Had you ever thought about that?  Well, you don’t have to think about it, because Geoff did it for you and packaged it up so that in minimal time you can get positive results.



Kathryn Springman is another one of my favourite people. She is the author of the hugely popular, THE GOD SESSION. Her book  will help you clear past trauma and encourage you to move on freely without carrying the burdens of the past with you.

But what really sets this book apart is that it utilises God’s Word to help you move on and will not only help you accomplish all of the above for yourself but will do this also for your family and other loved ones.

I was really pleased to come across Kathryn’s  book because it gave me new perspective on some stubborn problems in my life.


ROBYNRobyn Spooner, Bestselling author of THE BENEFITS OF STRESS helped me realise that one does not always have to minimise stress. Sometimes we can eliminate stress altogether! I know… why not?

My life had evolved in such a way that the only options seemed to be to minimise my stresses. Robyn showed me that some stresses can be eliminated entirely. Woohoo!!
That made a huge difference in my life. Thank you Robyn!


Another favourite person is Ian Banner, the author of Amazon Bestseller HOW TO HEAR GOD.

This delightful book is filled with personal anecdotes and directions of a devout man who clearly walks with God and would love nothing better than for others to do the same. I highly recommend this book for anyone who struggles to hear God’s voice in their life and also for us who can do with some fine tuning.

I discovered that Ian is the co-director of a charity in Uganda, called Forever Caring Homes. All the profits of his books are donated to the charity.



When I read Debbie and Steve’s book I felt comforted to know that there is a guide out there for us who are aiming for a conflict-free relationships with our children.

The “Life Lesson learned” and “Life Lessons Summary” in each chapter are a treat.

Thank you Debbie and Steve!


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