GOD Healed Me: with 24 BONUS inspiring healing scripture printables and promises that helped me recover. Black & White Edition. (Live Forever Book 1)

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HEAL YOUR LIFE by standing on God’s promises. Use Mimi’s Collection of Healing Scripture Verses to WORK MIRACLES IN YOUR LIFE and enjoy easy and effortless prayer times.

GOD WORKS MIRACLES Imagine your life without the aches and pains, financial disasters and broken relationships. What if your life truly could be healed? Enjoy HEALTH and VIGOUR instead of illness, ABUNDANCE instead of lack, JOYOUS RELATIONSHIPS instead of loneliness.

Peace, health and comfort are at your fingertips by trusting in and using the Scripture Verses Mimi shares in her book God Healed Me. Reciting these verses on a daily basis are like a balm to ones soul and helps RESET YOUR LIFE IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. The power of these Verses truly is miraculous and saved Mimi’s life and may do the same for you.

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Mimi’s health had crumbled completely and she was ready to throw in the towel as she failed to recover from a ruptured appendix and septicemia. Verses from the Bible helped her cast out bad spirits and the power of God’s Word lifted Mimi’s spirit, turned her life around and got her back up after ten years of poor health and no hope. She regained her strength and started writing up her experiences in a book to share and help others. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT for anyone who prays to The Lord with faith and trust reciting Healing Scripture Verses from the Bible.

THERE IS HOPE If you’re suffering from health problems that seemingly cannot be solved and you’re at the point of giving up, please don’t despair. Instead download the 24 Healing Scripture Verses and Promises included in God Healed Me and print these up in little colourful cards to carry around in your pocket and place around your home. These wonderful Verses will comfort you at night when you cannot sleep and give you hope and encouragement in the morning as you read them from your bedside table.


  • 24 BONUS Inspiring Healing Scripture-Printables and Promises

  • A successful prayer formula

  • Prayer survey

  • Results from studies on prayer from San Francisco general Hospital and Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington and Duke University.

STOP worrying, relax, have faith in GOD’S HOLY WORD and experience GOD’S HEALING POWER TRANSFORMING YOUR LIFE!

Don’t delay but press the buy button and never look back.

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