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A Fun Piece of Poetry About A Puppy

It’s possible to have Peaceful & Fun pets

Dominant bitches can kill each other

It broke my heart to hear that two dominant bitches can kill each other. I thought I could make them ‘behave.’

And sure I can. When I’m around.

When I’m not around, it is two bitches fighting for dominance and neither one giving up. One is too big and mean and doesn’t give a hoot and the other feels marginalised and therefore continues fighting as if her life depends on it.


How do you re-home a family member?

Rob from the shelter told me that I had to re-home one. How do you re-home a family member? How is that even possible? I didn’t think it was possible and discovered much to my simultaneous dismay and delight that our home was not the ideal home for my ideal dog.

My entire life I have rescued dogs and the one time I adopted a pedigree such as a Newfoundlander Landseer, I had to return her to the breeder. Because despite the best training from a top trainer traveling up all the way from Melbourne, my beautiful ‘Dream’ (was her name) dog proved to be unmanageable.

I’m digressing.

We have a good ending

The saga of the two dominant dogs played out for years till a good friend, (thank you, Lynn) stepped in and urged me to get professional advice and in the process brought Mellow and I together.

And this is how, as the other love story is wrapping up, this new love story begins.

Mellow is like marshmallow in children’s hands

To Mellow, being poked in the eyes by children’s sticky fingers, is a beautiful way of expressing and receiving love. She adores little ones as much as they adore her.

Mellow is the ultimate submissive dog. And this is what was recommended to me by shelter manager Rob as a match for my remaining dominant dog.

Till one day, at meal time…. But now I’m giving the story away.

Go read this fun piece of poetry and find out about the adventures of Layla, Lilac and Mellow and the happy ending.

And psst; yes, it is true. Mellow learned to pray before dinner.