The Image of the Beast versus the Image of God

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Fascinating and eye-opening research reveals the truth about the Second Commandment according to the ancients with 500+ supporting Scripture verses!

Join this #1 international bestselling author to discover what God meant when He said, ‘Don’t make an image or likeness of anything.’ Find out how to embrace God’s image instead of the beast’s and be rewarded with a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

Read what the ancient Jewish people, early Christians and Jesus have to say about imagery.

These rarely quoted Scripture gems are from the timeless wisdom of the Bible and will help you prioritise and find oodles of leisure time you may not have realised you had.


  • We’ll read about the various Biblical Beasts.

  • We’ll look at the Number, the Name and the Mark of the Beast.

  • We’ll talk about Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia which is the fear of the number “666.”.

  • We’ll discuss antidotes against the mark of the Beast.



  • Discussion of Heavenly court case that we’re all invited to.

  • How to claim our bonus of an extra 10 years of leisure time.


  • We’ll examine the image of the Beast and how it compares to the image of God.

  • Historical little-known facts about the image of the Beast.

  • How to claim an extra 14 years of spare free time for yourself.

Rediscover and deepen your faith

Mimi’s books help readers worldwide rediscover and deepen their faith.

She’s best known for her thorough research and for simplifying complex issues.

The following comments are from readers of the ‘Truth, Love & God series:’

“The Bible made simple so a child can understand; The author’s style is conversational and easy to read, You get used to the Australian colloquial slang and it makes the book endearing.

The author makes a straightforward and simple breakdown of the most controversial, scholarly, world impacting, historical document of all time; The Bible… I love it! The author paints the picture accurately, starting with love and ending with love because that is God; love.

“Essential Reading: Cuts Through Biblical Confusion: Mimi Emmanuel has capped her series with a Biblical tour-de-force which captures what I believe is the core truth of the Scriptures.”

Promises to my readers and content of the Book

  1. Antidotes against the mark of the Beast. Removing all fear

  2. Mimi’s personal background story.

  3. Freebie download – “This is Love According to God’s Will.”

  4. Seven facts about the Beast from the Bible.

  5. How to cast out the devil as taught by Jesus.

  6. A Beast detox list of 24 things to help you stop your flirtation.

  7. A list of Frequently Asked Questions.

  8. 24 years of leisure time up for grabs!

Surprise blessings! More leisure time to spend with family and hobbies.

In the author’s quest for the truth she discovered a promise of 24 years of free spare time, within the average lifespan, to do with as you will… guaranteed! (unless you’ve already accepted these blessings).

It’s possible at any stage to tap into this ancient wisdom, turn our life around and live a more rewarding and meaningful life.

To receive these blessings of leisure time; embrace God’s image instead of the Image of the Beast.

For a summation and super quick read, you can start at Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twenty.

For all the Scriptural references be sure to check out Book 2 in this series, ‘The Companion Reference Manual to The Image of the Beast Vs Image of GOD.’

You can start reading today, or email the book as a gift to a special friend.