No Other God: How To Return To The Forgotten God ..


No Other God: How To Return To The Forgotten God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

This book was written by Gladys Nieves, a student of the Bible and passionate researcher of Scripture.


Did you know that the knowledge of the true God was lost after he apostles died? Did you know that most Christians NO OTHER GODdon’t know for sure who or what God is? Is God real? This book will show you the surprising truth about what the Bible really reveals about Jesus and God. It will change your idea of the great I Am forever!

Is God a He, a They, an It or an energetic force out there somewhere? Or can God be anything you imagine him to be? Is there a way to know for sure? Yes, there is and in this book you will discover the shocking truth about God.

The amazing thing is that the answer is found right in your Bible but you’ve never seen it! God is real and He wants you to know Him as He truly is. This book will help you:

  •  find out exactly who He is and what He wants from you.
  • Discover why all the confusion about God in mainstream Christianity, where it came from and the role of the early church fathers..
  • Where to look for the true answers about the God that Abraham. Isaac, Jacob and Jesus served and loved.
  • Learn how knowing God will help you establish a deeper intimacy with Him.HOW TO RETURN

The creator of heaven and earth has really become the forgotten God of Christianity. But He can be found. If you want a deeper understanding of who God is, then this is the book to read!


What I love about this book is that it is written with much love and passion.

From her bio I learn that G. Nieves is a passionate researcher of Scripture and religious history and as such she has found  that many Christian customs and concepts don’t have a biblical foundation.

This is where the author and I agree 100%. The book therefore did not strike me as radical but I found a fellow student who loves The Word with a passion as I do also.

Did I agree with everything the author has to say on the subject? Not really. Although I agreed with a lot. But I would never argue the point of the Trinity because the word Trinity is not found in the Bible and that is where the argument stops for me.

The research is thorough and honest. The author does not try to push her agenda without backing up every claim she makes. I’m just a little amused that it seems to be an issue for many religious people because the Bible doesn’t mention Trinity anywhere,  so why would it need refuting? The Word speaks for itself.

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Gladys  Nieves has been a student of the Bible as far as she can remember. She is a passionate researcher of Scripture and religious history and loves to get to the root of current ideas and why people believe what they do.
 She has found that many Christian customs and concepts don’t have a biblical foundation. For this reason, her research hassled her to challenge current ideas and this book is no exception.
 This  is the first of a series of books designed to motivate others to think for themselves, to search and see if their beliefs are truly in harmony with God’s Word.  She is convinced that truth does exist and that it matters greatly. We just have to search for it.
G. Nieves has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Master level studies in Communications. She has worked as a journalist for major newspapers and is an independent writer. She also loves to travel and read historical novels.


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