Praying in the Power Zone


Praying in the Power Zone: Elevate Your Frequency, Quiet Your Mind, and Enhance Your Prayers with Pure Essential Oils

by Janine Logue Wooten


Prayer Plus Pure Essential Oils for a More Connected Prayer Experience

POWER ZONEWho is this book for?

Prayer Warriors and Essential Oil Enthusiasts alike will love “Praying in the Power Zone,” a unique resource that explores one powerful yet little known way to use pure essential oils: in combination with prayer for a more profound and connected prayer experience!

What will you find in the book?

Included are over 130 prayers, organized by topic for a quick search depending upon your need. For example; Gratitude, Forgiveness, Abundance, Joy, Motivation, Surrender, Transformation, Highest Purpose, Passionate Living, etc., as well as a bonus section for blessing your business.

In language that’s easy to understand, Janine briefly addresses the science behind essential oils, explains the importance of absolute purity, and teaches you what to look for when researching essential oils.

Both the seasoned “oiler” and the “newbie” will find this book educational and highly useful, with just enough of the basics and usage guidelines to make sure you have the knowledge you need to use your pure oils safely.

Reciting these prayers while using pure essential oils, you can expect to experience more of the following during your prayer time:

•A More Peaceful Attitude
•A Quieter Mind
•More Focused Attention
•Feeling More In Touch With Nature
•Feeling More Connected to God
•A Raise in Your Frequency
•An Enhanced Prayer Experience

We know that prayer is effective in itself, and we know that pure essential oils are effective. The combination of the two is synergistic and is indeed very powerful: energetically, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Try it and experience “Praying in the Power Zone” for yourself!




It has been said that Janine Logue Wooten “packs more living into one lifetime than anyone.”

Like most creatives she was neither recognized or encouraged early on, and was in fact discouraged from trying anything unconventional. She married and started her family at the young age of 21. Janine always truly loved being a Mommy – and now she’s been promoted to Grammy! But the kids grew, as kids do, and eventually became independent adults, and she found herself feeling like something was missing, career wise.

She tried her hand at a few things: owning a jewelry business, making jewelry, tutoring Math, importing Turkish carpets, selling Real Estate, selling Diamonds, selling Roofing, and being a superintendent for a construction firm… Seriously. Sometimes overlapping. Clearly tons of energy, drive and motivation – but you might notice a bit of a lack of focus.

Janine loves to learn, with the list of subjects being just as broad and varied as the work history. Put it in front of her, and she will want to know everything there is to know about it, and then dive into it, and do it to the best of her ability.

(Perhaps certain personality types come to mind, such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, and she now knows, serious dyslexia! Although, back in the day, these things were not known. She just did her best, and tried to sit still and conform. Her mom to this day says Janine “can’t sit still”!)

She can now see how the labyrinth of her life has been perfectly leading her to this place all along! Everything along the way has been part of the grand picture, a small but crucial piece of the puzzle that makes up a magnificent and unique story! A beautiful tapestry of a life fully lived!

Her favorite things to do are painting, writing, teaching, helping others learn and grow, reading, traveling, walking on the beach, and “good food” outings with great friends!

She is finally in her “right place”, and loving the work she is doing. Her efforts are finally all tied together with a clear focus: helping people find and live their own best lives – through her art, her writing and teaching about clean living.

Janine’s earnest prayer is that many people will be blessed by her work. She gives God all the credit and all the Glory for designing such a perfect plan, and overseeing the job even when she was slacking or not understanding where He was taking her.

Blessings, Love and Light!


During launch you can download a copy of Praying in the Power Zone for free from Amazon.



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