I have nice neighbours
A neighbour friend asked me over to listen to Andrew Womack ministry teaching on healing. I am stoked to have her as a neighbour friend because not only is she sharing these wonderful teachings with me, but she also is the best cook I know. Her soup is simply divine as are her cake creations. Her generous heart shares all these good things with me which makes me feel truly blessed.

One of the presenters said at the end of the teaching last week;
Why don’t you ask God to show His love to you.

I thought to myself, doesn’t Jesus tell us not to ask for a sign?
So I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to ask God to show His love for me, and I ran this idea past one of my friends and this is where it got interesting.

My friend said, no I see that differently from you Mimi.
I see this as per where Jesus explained to ask God for what we need.
She said, doesn’t Jesus say, ‘Ask and it will be given to you?’
Well, yes, He does.

Father please show me your love for me.
So now I was onboard and that night I asked God to show His love for me.

Then, the next day the same friend who saw it differently offered to pray for me for a good outcome with my doctor’s appointment the following week.
She also offered to take me to the dr if I wasn’t able to get a lift.
To me it was clear that God was showing His love for me through my friend Mandy.
Thank you Father, and thank you, Mandy for your friendship and prayer.

The next day I asked God to show His love for me and my friend Ella who is sharing the Andrew Womack healing studies with me sent me another beautiful teaching. I listened to this teaching as I polished off the last few bits of her cake and soup which she had given me.
Thank you Father, once more for showing your love to me and thank you, Ella.

A continuing avalanche of love
The day after I asked God if He was happy to continue showing me His love for me.
And one of my daughters gave me a beautiful present in the form of a cutting table as well as a mini ironing board. One of my hobbies is sewing which I haven’t been able to do for years. This was huge for me because I felt the promise of better health with the preparation of setting up a sewing area that I can utilise for creating some of my future masterpieces.
Thank you Heavenly Father, and thank you, dear daughter for caring.

I was starting to enjoy this so the next day I thanked God in advance for showing me His Love for me.
I have a few friends across the globe that I stay in touch with and my friend Mick from Boston sent me a lovely message as he shared a bit of his life with me.
Thank you Father, and thank you, Mick for the social interaction and friendly banter.

There was no stopping me now so the following day I asked God to show His love for me again.
And my doctor’s appointment went very well. My doctor understood what was needed, he was lovely and helped me formulate a plan for the next step in my health journey.
Thank you Father, and thank you, Dr Maren for your sympathetic ear and help.

This morning I whispered, thank you Father for showing your love for me.
A surprise visit from my other daughter and her husband with a beautiful gift of a lavender wheat pack for these cool winter nights made me feel especially loved. And yes I won’t apologise for calling a 14 degree Celsius night ‘cool.’ I live in subtropical Queensland and anything under 20 degrees is cool to me.
Thank you Father and thank you to my daughter and her husband for the visit and thoughtful gift.

I dare you..
Here’s a challenge for you. When you go to bed tonight or when you wake up tomorrow I dare you to ask God to show His love to you.
I’m hooked!


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