Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God

by Teresa E Nelson


Life is Hard.

Do you find yourself wishing for some blessings, for a change, instead of living with TENDER MERCIESendless problems and pain?

Do you need help navigating the nitty-gritty, hard to handle challenges of real-life?

Do you often wish your relationship with God and people was better than it is now?

This candid and solution-based book will provide you with a month’s worth of practical spiritual blessings, truths straight from the Bible, and down-to-earth prayers to bring the life-changes you so earnestly desire.

Tough Moments Happen.

Illnesses, accidents, natural disasters, grief, relationships gone bad, job loss, family problems, and so much more can pick up a life and set it down in a swirling mess.

When the merry-go-round of mad living comes to a stop, or the fun has abruptly ended, people wrestle with feelings of regret, disappointment, anger and shame. Yet, they still possess a desperate yearning for God. Without a guide, a thriving, joyful experience of God can be difficult to discover and own.

A Handbook of Hope

“Tender Mercies for Tough Moments: A 31 Day Journey into the Blessings of God” will walk you right into the arms of God. It will also:

    • Encourage and empower your faith with 31 bold and strength-giving graces of God.
    • Provide the gateway for you to know and relate to God with a deeply personal and rewarding connection.
    • Offer answers to settle your worries, comfort your hurts, and conquer your battles by drawing you to the One who knows you best and loves you most.
  • Ask guiding questions to help you find your way to refreshment, gratitude, joy, success, self-control and

If you immerse yourself in these lessons, you will discover you have the courage and power to face what is place before you no matter what it is. In only a few minutes a day, you will be able to see your life changed – blessed, that is.

What’s stopping you from experiencing the full-fledged blessings of God , and living your life with genuine faith, bold truth and soul-satisfying joy?



Growing up as an adopted farm girl, Teresa has spent countless hours on a tractor dreaming up stories, and paying close attention to the way of people, birds, animals, clouds and God. Because her mother showed her the way of compassion with all things lost, little or weak, Teresa knew one day she would do more than only dream.

No stranger herself to poverty and cancer, Teresa led her community in a faith based mission to help people with various needs, and also founded a support outreach for people living with the uncertainty and struggles of cancer. In 2003, Teresa received the Nonprofit of the Year Award for leading a regional caregiving organization to high service impact.

Today, Teresa works as a teacher and a preacher, and sometimes as an auctioneer, inspirational speaker and actor. She teaches incarcerated adults academics, life skills and spiritual truths. This fits perfectly with her pastoral role in a small rural congregation where God and tractors are the main topics.

These days, the little people in her life are learning from her to create stories, dream their own dreams, to be compassionate and look for the wonder in all things.



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