What I like about this book are the strategies and practical steps we’re given for when DEVIL GET  YOUR HANDS OFFwe’re about to throw in the towel and want to say, “I’m over it, I don’t care. I’ve just had enough.” This is where Cathy’s book comes to the rescue with Scripture verses and encouragement to hang in there, pray for our kids and trust in God’s Word which promises not to come back  to us void.

This book is great because it tells us, “Hey, it’s not just me struggling with my teen/adolescent, there’s others out there facing similar battles and with God’s help, it’ll all be good in the end.” 


This book was written by Cathy Copeland and published last month on Amazon.


Have your kids been targeted by the enemy?

Have your kids been targeted by the enemy? Are they making choices that are leading them down the wrong path?

Six Strategies
There is a battle going on for their souls. As their parent, you have been called to fight for them. Devil! GET YOUR HANDS OFF! gives you 6 strategies to defeat the devil’s plans and take back what he stole!

Learn how to:
• Snatch your kids out of the devil’s grip
• Rise up in your authority against all the warfare
• Stand in the gap for them
• Release your decree over them
• And much more

Daily Warfare prayer
This book includes a daily warfare prayer to call your loved ones out of darkness. You don’t have time to lose. The time to act is now. The devil does not play fair. It’s time to fight for your kids and break the powers of darkness that are working against them deceiving their hearts and minds.

Declare war against the enemy’s plans
Declare was against using the enemy’s plans using power and authority through Jesus Christ and His word. Use your spiritual weapons of warfare, in confidence, and win this battle for their soul.


Great book. Awesome Scripture verses to apply and have victory over adversity, particularly for your children. I highly recommend it.


Cathy Coppola has been married 30 years. She and her husband have raised their four beautiful children.

She is a pastor, two time author, broadcast speaker and minister to the nations. You can contact her at: cathycoppola.org Cathy Coppola International Ministries- facebook Pastor Cathy Coppola – You Tube Where The Fire Meets The Clouds- HSBN.tv and ROKU.


You can buy your copy from Amazon by following this link.


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