Do Jewish People believe in life after death?

Rabbi Evan Moffic

According to Rabbi Evan Moffic: yes, there is life after death. He states that

1. There is an afterlife which according to rabbinic tradition is known by various names.
2. Heaven has an open door for the righteous of any people and any faith.
3. The afterlife can take many forms, for instance as diverse as, living on in grandchildren.
4. Afterlife is here on earth … for more visit Rabbi Moffic’s website.

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman from Chabad.org argues that there isn’t anything after life, because life never ends. He explains why, at the final resolution, all souls will return to physical bodies in this world.

Daniel 12:2

Jewish Author Tracey Rich

Jewish author Tracey Rich from Judaism 101 mentions the afterlife as Olam Haba and states that traditional Judaism firmly believes that death is not the end of human existence. However, because Judaism is primarily focused on life here and now rather than on the afterlife, Judaism does not have much dogma about the afterlife, and leaves a great deal of room for personal opinion.

Jewish Scholar Nehemia Gordon

After listening to one of the podcasts from Nehemia Gordon and Keith Johnson I learned that apparently according to rabbinic tradition any one of around 70 different interpretations of religious text is acceptable as long as this interpretation is by a qualified Rabbi. This is explained in more depth by Allen S Maller courtesy of Jewish Bible.org in ‘A Torah with 70 different faces.

Seventy possible interpretations for each Bible verse.

How does that sit with you? Seventy possible interpretations for each Bible verse? The argument is that multiple interpretations of each verse of Scripture can be correct, even if they contradict one another.

I’ve often argued that there are as many religions as there are people and I still believe this. We all interpret according to our understanding and believe according to our heart. Therefore I think it is futile to ever have any kind of argument about religion as far as it concerns people’s ‘beliefs.’

Bible is a how-to manual

The Bible is however,  as well as the history book of our earth and the Jewish  people, also an instruction manual. The Bible teaches us about morals and principles and righteous living and love and how to live forever. None of the how-to manuals that I ever have come across allowed seventy different interpretations for every line in the book. Let’s face it, if any of them did, all the instructions would fall in a heap. I have a feeling that it is the same with the Bible and the instructions in the Bible should not be interpreted in many different ways. It’s fine if this works for other people but for me personally, no.

I believe that essentially Scripture is a message of love and that we’re not just told, but we’re commanded to love one and other. It is the message of love that I am keen to get across and the connection of this message with the promise of everlasting life. That’s why I will continue to post all that God’s Holy Word has to say about love and about living forever as mentioned in Scripture, so that everyone can come to their own conclusion about the truth of it all according to God’s Word.


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