We’re commanded to love one and other.

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Loving component is not optional for believers.

What makes me say that we’re commanded to love one and other? Lots of different bible verses tell me that the ‘loving component’ is not optional  for those who decide to follow Yehovah and His Son.

Loving Struggle Street

Last week a wonderful example of this ‘loving’ was shown in and around Mt Druitt in NSW Australia.

The SBS, which is a government funded TV broadcaster, decided to air a show called ‘Struggle Street.’ This show is a portrayal of around ten locals who are doing it tough. After watching a preview of the show, not only the mayor but also the local garbo’s got ‘trucking mad‘ and a blockade was formed to stop the broadcasting of the show because they considered the portrayal of their fellow citizens ‘garbage.’

This is an heartwarming true story of locals getting up in arms to defend their fellow citizens who are from less privileged areas. As one local radio broadcaster put it, ‘He was pi***d off deluxe,’ when he discovered what was going on.

 Love the Stranger as yourself

The Scripture Card for this week commands us to love one and other. And not just love God and those we feel close to. But love everyone, including the strangers. Strangers meaning people we don’t understand, with cultures different from ours.

Verses from the Prophet Moses

The verses on today’s Scripture Card are from the prophet Moses who is considered God’s friend.

And the Lord spake unto Moses face to face, as a man speaketh unto his friend.

Love the LORD Deuteronomy 11

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