Supernal Grace: Live Powerfully In Timeless And Boundless Success

by Elenah Kwaramba Kangara


From your inner being, how do you, in God’s way, experience good success and balance in health, love and wealth?

Supernal Grace by Elenah Kwaramba KangaraHow do you stop the madness and confusion?
God says one thing about you and yet what you see and experience in your life is different.

GRACE is Supernal. It is everything beautiful and yet…

We are born into battles! We cry our way into battles!

One of the largest battles we fight in life is the tactic of the enemy that tries to keep us in two places: the past and the future.
The enemy knows he wins only if he can keep us stuck in the past licking our wounds of failures, guilt, shame, poverty, grief, rejection, fear and worry.
The enemy wins today’s battles if we are engrossed in the anxieties of tomorrow.
If you look closely at your life, chances are you’ve been fighting battles that are rooted in the past and or the future.

How do you break free from this dark hollow? Where is freedom? Can it be found?

  • God wants to reconcile your past, present and future
  • He wants to heal your identity and introduce you to your true origin
  • He wants to fill and expand your present with timeless and boundless success

In Supernal Grace, get access to the rest of God. Be planted, strong, in your true domain.
Discover your inner timeless freedom, smile and kiss from within.

With riveting compassion birthed from deeply personal struggles, tragedies and ultimate victories in life, Elenah Kangara shows the reader how to:

  • Find your true I-AM and live powerfully in and from it
  • Break free from limiting ideas, theology or doctrines that incapacitate you.
  • Discover your ultimate destiny and walk in it
  • Re-visit your life’s vision. Remodel. Redefine your priorities. Adjust your relationships, and move into the newness of life
  • Redefine your value system. Have and live your life with radiance, zest and gusto

If the reader is ready to reach deep into eternal fountains that never run dry, then SUPERNAL GRACE is the key!


This book starts with a story of the author cooking a delicious meal for family and guests. The guests enjoy the meal and think it is wonderful. The family notice something is missing and don’t appreciate the meal in the same way. The family is right; the cook had not added ‘the secret ingredient.’

This story is used to point out to readers the difference between reading and understanding the Gospel with and without Supernal Grace.

It is a brilliant analogy and the writing only gets better and better. If you love Scripture, add this book to your reading list!


Elenah Kangara (www.elenahkangara.com) is a writer, speaker and teacher. She is the President of Adorned Women of Value (www.awov.org) an organization that empowers women and reaches out to mentor at risk individuals. She has a passion to see people living in wholeness, truly free and truly aware of their value.

Elenah is the Founder of Touch & Agree Ministry, the prophetic and healing arm of Arise & Proclaim Ministries Inc. She has seen God at work through Touch & Agree, ministering to people from different places in United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Africa etc., and witnessed the mighty divine healing power of God with healings, miracles and testimonies.

An Accountant by profession, Elenah is a graduate in theological studies from The Sure Foundation Theological Institute.

Elenah is a happy combination of the roles in her life. Her personal favorite role being, mom. Precious moments are well spent laughing hard with her two kids. She loves to explore her favorite hobbies; cooking and thinking colorful words. She enjoys simple pleasures of life like taking a stroll, loving life and watching the sunset together with her best friend and husband of 18 years, Pastor Pardon.
Traverse the wilds of social media together with Elenah on Facebook and Twitter.

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