My Angel in Heaven: A Mother’s Journey through Death and Grief to Comfort and Hope

written by Rebecca Vijay


The Book helps bring Comfort to those who have lost their loved ones

The book takes the reader from grief to comfort and peace to hope and joy
My Angel in Heaven is a short narration that travels very deep into one’s journey of faith REBECCAand how that faith helps in understanding and reconciling with the larger plan of the Almighty. The personal sharing resonates everybody’s ability to remain connected with even departed souls, through unwavering faith and solid hope.

The book takes the reader along on the author’s journey of losing her first-born twin son on the third day. Through the author’s personal experience, she attempts to help the reader find comfort and peace in God and to be joyful in the hope that we will see our loved ones in heaven soon.
The book showcases God’s goodness and love for us. It is grounded and anchored in faith and encourages those bereaved to reach out and express their feelings about their loss, grief, and loneliness.

Bring hope to those who are grieving

God wants to heal the ones who are hurting and He is our Comfort and our strength. The author shares her personal testimony to comfort and encourage others. The book is not only for parents but for anyone who has lost their loved ones.

Give a voice to those who are grieving

By sharing her personal experience, the author attempts to give a voice and a platform to those who have lost their loved ones but are not able to voice out their grief and sorrow.

Bring comfort to those who mourn

Through the various scripture references, the book attempts to minister healing to those who are experiencing infant loss or the loss of a loved one.

Discusses the Biblical stages of grief and handling loss

The book talks about the eight Biblical stages of hurting and of hope and growth, instead of focusing on the five stages of grief.



About The Author

Rebecca Vijay is an author, mommy blogger, freelance editor and designer. She has two young children – Cathy and Caleb – and an angel in heaven, Jacob.
She worked in various industries such as advertising, NGO, hotels, publishing for almost a decade and a half. She was heading a commissioning team in Oxford University Press when she quit to spend time with her children and to explore ways to make a difference.
She has written a 50k-words novel during NaNoWriMo 2016; an article for 100MomsOneJourney, an inspirational book that has been written by over 100 moms from around the world; is writing more books; blogs and freelances.

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