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How The Mystic Entrepreneur (Or Anybody Else) May Escape The Deadly Grip Of Fear: And Do Something Glorious

by Gordon Boyd


The book is a joy to read. The author really has heart for his readers and understands the ins and outs of how fear affects our lives in such a negative way. He gives many tips and hints on how to face your fears and start loving yourself. (Amazon Review)

How The Mystic Entrepreneur (Or Anybody Else) May Escape The Deadly Grip Of Fear: And Do Something Glorious
How The Mystic Entrepreneur (Or Anybody Else) May Escape The Deadly Grip Of Fear: And Do Something Glorious by Gordon Boyd



This is a great read for self-help lovers. The author truly cares for his reader and reading the book feels like drinking from a fountain of wisdom of a caring family member. (Amazon Review)

Gordon understands…He has amassed an arsenal of information, including tips, tricks and methods, both general and specific, to help you eliminate fear…This book is amazing. The heart and soul of this author simply jumps off the page. I read a lot of books but rarely do I feel the real heart of the author through their writing. Gordon Boyd has taken on a project of immense scope. He holds nothing back……Gordon shares his wealth of knowledge……Highly recommended for any entrepreneur who is spiritually inclined. (International multiple best selling author – Sarah Saint Laurent)

If ever there were an authority on how to handle overcoming fear, it is definitely Gordon the Growth Guy! This book is ideal for anyone who wants to stop being a dabbler and start being a doer! Gordon takes the reader on an educational and very well-researched journey through mysticism, science, business etiquette, and productivity. This is a must-read for not only budding entrepreneurs, but anyone ready to kick fear to the curb once and for all! (Qat Wanders – International multiple best-selling author)

This wonderful book overflows with kindness, deep insight into our spirituality, and wisdom…..you think yourself in the company of a great thinker, a seer, who sits at your table to grace you with his knowledge and wisdom. The words are so kind and full of love, the manner so unassuming and loving that I felt what I rarely feel: peace…..I recommend this read with all my heart. (International multiple best selling author – A.G. Mogan)

How The Mystic Entrepreneur (Or Anybody Else) May Escape The Deadly Grip of Fear examines the fear that holds people back in life from its physical, psychological, spiritual, and social perspectives. It then provides a wide array of approaches, techniques, and understandings proven to provide escape allowing anyone to finally go ahead and do something glorious with their life!

Warning: you can use the information in this book to actually change your life. But, don’t worry (that wouldn’t do for this book.) Even though change can be scary, lots of folks say they feel wonderful about accomplishing things they never dreamed they could. Why not “give it a go” and see what glorious things you can do when you give fear “the slip?”

Warning: This book is highly opinionated regarding science, matters of faith, philosophy, social convention and belief, and just about everything else. But don’t worry – it aims to accept and value you just as you are and for who you are with no regard for agreement on any issue. If, though, you are unable to learn from and value ideas “from different places,” well, the author just respects you enough to warn you so you don’t waste any of your life’s precious hours combing through thoughts that don’t speak to you. He really does value and believe in you. He would also get a huge “kick” in thinking that some thought or idea from the book served you in your life’s journey and all the adventures it affords.

Free Bonuses: The book comes with a powerful fear busting hypnotic audio meditation and a fear busting progress chart inspired by the potent principles of cognitive behavioral therapy.



Since his wife left (she probably was right about him having too many books) Gordon has fared the best he could, knocking around the old house, teaching a course on therapeutic trance for professionals, tending to some growing things (raspberry bushes, tomato plants, valerian, an apple tree, etc.) and staring at the computer screen waiting for literary inspiration from one of his various muses. Principle among them is his calico cat “Kara” with whom he is collaborating to develop a web-cast “The Holistic Growth Club For Entrepreneurs.” Kara is the namesake of Gordon’s childhood friend. To this day, some people insist she was “imaginary.” Without Kara – the sole feminine principle around – chaos and testosterone would undoubtably run amuck.

He’s worn a number of “hats” including those of a pastor, college professor, psychotherapist, and Detroit City (off of Cass Avenue) security agent. His favorite “hat” is his friendship with a few close personal and lots of wonderful Facebook friends. If you see him hiking, reading, learning about herbs and natural healing, or experimenting in the kitchen, he’ll probably have a far away look on his face as he loves going into trance. His grade school teachers chided him for being a “day dreamer” so he decided to do it for a living and get paid teaching others how to do it.

And now a word from Kara: “Gordon may be an acquired taste but he feeds me, lets me out during the day, and pets me often. He spends lots of time writing at the computer but I don’t mind. I give him many of “his” ideas and he includes them frequently. You can see why I’ve decided to keep him. Give the guy a chance – I think he’s got some great stuff to say….and please…for your own sake… don’t you dare think I’m kidding about this or making it up!”






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