Open Doors Open Hearts: Change Lives With Generosity, Love, and Compassion

by Tina Pocernich

Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place, just needing a helping hand from someone to get you through? Have you needed a place to stay, even if only for a short period of time? Have you experienced financial difficulty and wished for a few months with no rent payments due, so you could get back on your feet again?

5115A-4Ui1LIn everyone’s life they experience times of need. At times throughout the life of author, Tina Pocernich, she has needed to rely on friends primarily within her church family to help her through events like her mother’s battle with cancer, and her escape from an unhealthy relationship. This led her to wonder “how do people pay it forward to those who are at their lowest, or even those who need just a little help?” Inspired by the instances she’d experienced, as well as the many examples she’d read throughout her Bible, she chose to reach out and touch the lives of those around her.

This is Tina’s story, and the story of those who have chosen to open their hearts and their homes. Join her in her journey from need to blessing others. Maybe you, too will be inspired to open your heart and home.



By Amazon Customer on August 24, 2017
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I enjoyed reading this book as it helped me open my heart and doors even more. Sometimes we may think that we’re doing enough but we can always do this little extra. Just recently we’ve opened our doors to travelers and the joy of sharing is very much mutual. I encourage anyone to read Tina’s book and find ways to share in life and be blessed by it.
I am Tina Pocernich, and I live in Wisconsin. I’ve been married nearly 25 years and am the mother and stepmother to five adult children: three boys and two girls, and eight grandchildren. I work full-time for a technical college, and recently, I’ve become an author. My passions are transparency, integrity, and truth.

In January 2017, I participated in a small group of women studying the book Dream It, Pin It, Live It by Terri Savelle Foy. For the first time in my life, I focused on looking at, and establishing personal goals and a vision board for a 12-18 month period. One of those goals was to write a book. When my goals were in front of me, I believe I was more aware of opportunities before me. In January, I also noticed an ad on my Facebook feed regarding Chandler Bolt’s Self-Publishing School. I downloaded and read two of his books, Published and Book Launch. Then I joined Chandler’s online Self-Publishing School Mastermind Community to gain even more knowledge and support throughout the book writing process. I have no idea how many times I may have seen that information in my feed previously, but I know I wouldn’t have noticed it if I hadn’t set a goal to write a book.

In July of 2017, I completed my book, Open Doors Open Hearts. God has allowed me to experience various things in life, and I believe it gives me purpose to share my possessions and experiences with others.

As a logical and direct person, I present my thoughts in a very practical way, without a lot of flowery language. My style is simple, but straight from the heart.

My hope is that you’ll enjoy my writing and find nuggets of truth you can implement in your own life.


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