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How To Live Your Best Life Possible?


To be honest I never gave this too much thought. Too busy raising kids, managing clinics, and pleasing hubby. If I found a spare moment I used to fall asleep on the spot. I never thought about a good life or a better life, I was just living my life as it was.
Till it all fell into a big heap. And I thought that this was the END.

When I worked in our clinics I used to say that I would need, “A long time to recover from this,” It’s been nearly two decades of recovery. Mind your words;


Because these words may come back to haunt you.


Sure I felt this way. But I also could have said something to the effect of, “It’s nice to know that all this hard work is paying off and I’m looking forward to many holidays and relaxation in the future.”

Alas, I didn’t and have been convalescing for a long time now. I’m grateful for the opportunity this has given me to share some of my story and graphics.
So here goes.

How to live your best life possible?

Think about how you would like to be remembered and then set out to create this.

After my life fell into a big heap I had to start from scratch.

There was a lovely lesson in this.
You know how people feel lost and they set out about finding themselves? Why bother? Waste of time. How about creating a new you? Now that’s much more fun!


With the help of My Friends Above I’ve been rebuild pretty much. The Same vintage but completely remodeled. I like it.
In the process, I discovered that our story creates a legacy and that goes for all of us. Young and old, small and tall, we all have a story to tell.


Your story creates a legacy. What would you like it to be?

How to make your story the best it can be?

There’s a good reason why we would like our story to be the best it can be. All of us will live forever.


Regardless if we believe in an afterlife or not, we’ll live forever in the hearts of those who knew us.


Following are three simple steps to help you make your story the best it can be.

Step One is to create your own eulogy which will help you become aware of how you would like to be remembered at the end of your life.

Step Two is to remember what you were good at when you were at pre-school and what you enjoyed doing.

Step Three is to take the very first step towards reaching your goal.
I can help with that by providing you with Power Word Cards which you can download and use as screensavers. This link will take you to Popcorn for the Soul Power Word Cards with words and expressions to keep you on track.


Write your own eulogy. Here’s a free template to get you going. Write your eulogy to-be and keep tinkering with it till you get happy. Then start living up to it.


How do you live up to your eulogy to-be? First, you write down how you would like to be remembered and then you figure out how to go about this. Lots of people tell me that they don’t know what it is that they are supposed to be doing with their life. It is easy to figure out if you follow the Three Steps as outlined here.


Remember when you were at pre-school? What did you like and what were you good at?


This is obviously different for all of us. I LOVED writing and decorating my writing even before I started kindy.  Now I’m an author.
One of my daughters LOVED spending time with animals and now she works with horses and coaches disabled people how to ride.
My other daughter from a very young age LOVED music and volunteered for many years at a local radio station presenting her own breakfast show.

Most of us showed some aptitude at a very young age for a particular ‘something.’ What was this for you before the world got hold of you and you forgot?
Remember that ease and that joy? Own it and re-create it!

Step Three

What is your unique task in this life?


I have three clues for you.

Clue One

Your unique task is likely to be right in front of you

Clue Two

It is likely something that challenges you.

Clue Three

It is probably something that only you can do.

In my case, I am the only mother of my children and the only Godmother to my Godson. I have unique insights and abilities that only I can bring to the table. I was uniquely placed in this position as the only person in the whole wide world.
Is this challenging me? Hell yeah! I give it my best shot… most of the time.


Below I’ll give you a couple of examples of people I admire for performing the task they were given to perfection.

The doorman at David Jones.

Many years ago there was a doorman at the department store David Jones. I recall times that this frazzled mum would juggle kids and parcels, and this wonderful doorman would open the door wide for me and my children with a genuine smile and a few nice words.

It is now decades later and I remember this man with much fondness. He made my life a little easier at the time. His smile and kind words were genuine. How is this even possible? To open the door, like thousands of times a day and then greet and make each and every person that came through this door, feel welcomed and special.

This is the task that was uniquely given to this doorman and he did his job so well that I remember him decades later. Thank you, Doorman, from David Jones, I remember you.


Michael Hoskin and Turia Pitt

If you don’t live in Australia you may not have heard of Michael Hoskin and Turia Pitt. They are two of our heroes.

Turia got severely burned during a bushfire at an ultra marathon in 2011.  She never gave up. Nor did her boyfriend Michael. He had been uniquely placed in a position as her boyfriend and rose to the task he had been given as her boyfriend and helper. Neither one of them bailed. It would be nice to think that this is normal but we all know that this is not the case. Many people bail when the going gets tough. It was extraordinarily tough for these two young people and both of them rose to the task. As she has struggled to regain her health and return to a normal life, Michael has supported her through thick and thin.
I take my hat off to you both.


Where in your life were you given a task uniquely designed for you? Are you giving it your best shot?

One step at a time

I’ve just given you three easy-peasy steps to follow for living the best life possible for anyone, anywhere, anytime.

These steps work for bank managers, teachers, mums and dads, school-aged kids, mature students, sports people, entrepreneurs, health professionals and their patients, counselors, and coaches. Yes, they even work for retirees.
My health scares happened to me later in life and I still managed to turn things around for the better by going through these three steps.

How to go about turning your life around? One step at a time.


Next post I’ll share some Power Word Cards with you that you can use as screensavers to keep you going in the right direction.

Today take the first step towards your goal

Promise me one thing, and that is that today you’ll take the first step towards your goal.


Here’s an appetizer with POPCORN FOR THE SOUL ABC’s.

Also read, “Mimi’s Eulogy-to-be Legacy…”


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