O taste and see that the Lord is good 

O taste and see that the LORD is good

Wanting to grow our own vegetables

Where to begin? I’ll tell you what happened to us last week. For awhile now have I been wanting for us to grow our own vegetables. Not in the least because I only seem to tolerate organic vegetables and it is not always possible to get hold of these for a good price or at all. So you probably know what it is like, everyone now and then I bring up the topic of us growing our own vegetables. This brings all kinds of challenges. Such as we need to keep the dog off it, the pony, the hares, the possums and possibly the kangeroos.

Do we have kangaroos in our yard? No. But we do have kangaroos right outside our fences munching away on the grasses and challenging our Mastiff/Dane cross. We wouldn’t at all be surprised if mums and their joeys would hop in for a visit once the greens get up to a decent height.

The upshot really is that building garden beds and protection around it to keep the wildlife at bay costs a certain amount of money which we would have to save up for. So we talk about it more than we do about it.

Clean fill

Although one day, a couple of weeks ago,  one of my daughters decided to browse Gumtree to see if there is any ‘clean fill’ available. The answer was no.

The next day, midday, we hear all kinds of noises coming down our drive and the noises are so loud and big that both girls look at me to see how we’re going to deal with this. As I stick my head out of the window, I can see this M A S S I V E, as in H U M O N G E O U S monster truck coming down our drive. He stops and starts pouring out soil, smack bam on our drive.

So I go, ‘Oi, Oi , what ye doing?’ A big smiley face beams up at me and says, ‘As ordered ma’am, first left, down the drive.’

I smile back, telling him that I may have placed an order (up high) but hadn’t been told about any delivery, nor any cash to be paying for that  amount of soil either. Mr Smiley climbs back in his truck to talk to Mr Boss guy who had told him to deliver ‘first left, down the drive.’

A minute or so later Mr Smiley once more descends from his truck, bigger than my house, and tells me that he cannot get hold of Mr Boss but is very happy to follow his instructions and deliver as he was told.

Yes I want it

‘Do I want it?’

‘Yes, I want it.” I don’t know how much it is but we live on an acre and after years of drought a lot of the soil has pretty much disappeared and the rocks are showing through. For years now have I been wanting to plant cuttings of our May bushes and Dracaena and Frangipani around the borders of the property to replace the bushes which keeled over in the drought. But as we all know .. no soil .. no planting.

I repeat ‘ Yes, I want it but I won’t be writing out any cheques for it.’ Mr Smiley then continues doing what he does best with this massive smile on his face he once more pulls the lever to release a minimum of some twenty if not thirty trailer loads of beautiful, beautiful soil on our drive.

No, my girls didn’t order this soil, nor did any of my neighbours. I put in a humble request and send it sky high. Wow!

O taste and see that the Lord is good!

O taste and see that the LORD is good! Blessed are they that trust in Him.

Thank you also Mr Peter Horne who owns the truck and sent his friendly worker to our place.

We once ordered and ate a cake which had the words ‘O taste and see that the LORD is good’ written on it. According to my nephew it was the best cake he ever tasted in his life and you can read about this here and here.



As I’m writing both my girls are shovelling the good earth into our garden beds. My youngest just told me earlier that there is 14 shovel loads in a wheel barrow and 10 wheelbarrows in a garden box. One of our neighbours has been helping her with giving her sticks and drilling them in the sides of our boxes as well as mesh wire to place around our boxes to keep the wildlife out. How blessed are we with a Father who hears our prayers and neighbours and local operators as fine as that?


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