Happy Mother’s day

I keep thinking, “I’ll phone Mum and tell her,’ and then I don’t.


It is always the same around this time of the year, my Mum keeps popping into my head. My Mum who wrote notes for school so that I could take days off whenever I wanted to. I had a whole stack of these, written in advance. These notes got me into trouble and not for what you may think.

My bestie at primary, her name was Leony. Well, Leony’s Mum didn’t write absentee notices in advance. She never wrote these at all. So when Leony fancied a day off from school I said, “no worries, I know how we can arrange that.” It took me no time at all to copy my Mum’s note, replace my name with my friend’s name and hand this notice to my friend who handed it to the principal. I felt proud of my handiwork. I even forged my Mum’s handwriting so that the principal would read ‘adult’ and not ‘children’s’ writing.

The next day I was called to the principal’s office. How on earth did he know that it was me who wrote the note for my friend Leony? He unsuccessfully tried to hide his grin. He thought it was funny. I didn’t think it so funny, having to write down THREE HUNDRED TIMES that I was not to write absentee notes for my friends!

Thank you Mum!

Thank you Mum for recognising that children also need time out every now and then.


My Mum baked the best cakes, gave the best hugs, loved the most perfect.

Why do I keep thinking that I need to phone Mum?

Mother’s day has always been in May, as was my Mum’s birthday. Yes, her eightieth birthday was May 22. Mum had her eighty first, her very last birthday in hospital. I didn’t visit her. Was her funeral in May also? I cannot remember. I did not go. I wanted to go but was not able to. I was recovering from an inoperable ruptured appendix. Travel was out of the question.

For decades and decades I would phone my Mum daily and visit her on her birthday and Mother’s day and sent her cards and presents. And then, one day, it stopped. I cannot remember the exact day. It’s a bit hazy and I like to keep it that way.  Because every now and then I want to phone my Mum and say,


Mum, I love you.

“Hey Mum, do you know that I love you. You’re best Mum in the whole wide world. No one makes cakes like you do, nor macaroni nor tomato soup. Your salads are out of this world and your pancakes deserve awards. I love you Mum for your care and your never ending love and your kindness and for always being there for me. I thank you for all the Jesus’ stories and parables. Whipped cream is still my favourite Mum. Thank you for bringing me up to appreciate the good things in life.

Hey Mum, are you there? Mum? Mum?”

The thought stops before it completes itself. Yes, Mum is there. She’s in my heart. She’ll live on forever in my thoughts and life. She lives on in me and my children. In my world my Mum lives forever.

I love you Mum. Thank you Mum. Happy Mother’s day, Mum.


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