What is Love? Does the Bible tell us?DISCLAIMER for my religious friends who believe differently- Mark 9-37-39, John 13-34-36 and 1 John 5-2. (2)

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He interrupted my writing as he was hitting away at my tap. I could see him accidently drop a washer down the gurgler. That’s when he exclaimed;


“Why is that?” I asked, wondering if some of the Scripture verses on my walls could have triggered that comment.

“Because religion is the cause of most of the wars and hatred in the world,” my newfound friend Brad said.

I asked him if he really believed that and without even thinking about it, he shot back at me, “I do not believe it, I’m convinced of it!”

“All religions?” I asked him.

Without hesitation, he responded, “ALL of them.”

I said, “Funny that because my religion tells me that we are to love each other.”

“What religion would that be?” He quizzed.

“I love God’s Word,” I said.“Mmpphh, you’re one of those Christians,” He said.

“Mmpphh, you’re one of those Christians,” He said.

Clearly, Brad was assuming things. What was I to say to that? I did not know what he meant when he said, ‘one of those,’ but I wanted him to like me and not hate me because of my religion. But more than that, I wanted to convey to him that my religion is one of love. And I was not quite sure how to go about that because Brad clearly had preconceived notions about Christianity and what it entails being a Christian or being someone that loves God’s Word.
I didn’t know what his preconceived ideas were, other than that they weren’t positive.

I LOVE GODS WORDSo I repeated what is true for me and said, “I love God’s Word.”

Brad came over and sat down next to me. “You mean the Bible don’t you?”

I nodded affirmatively.

Well, that really got him going. He stood up again and walked up and down my living room with the spanner in his left hand, waving his arms up and down in despair. “The Bible has caused more wars and deaths and calamity than all other religions combined! How anyone can believe in fairy tales like that is beyond me.”

Maybe it was premature when earlier I referred to Brad as my newfound friend. My daughter had brought him over to fix a couple of leaky taps and a gate that had come off its hinges. I treated him as a friend because I was grateful that he came to fix a few things for a reasonable fee but I do not like it when people refer to God’s Word as fairy tales. At the same time, I recognise that this reference is generally used by people who have never read God’s Word.

I did not want him to go on a rant of no return. For the sake of our now seemingly fragile friendship, I decided to find out what got him going like that.

“You seem pretty passionate about your anti-religion stance Brad. Where is all that coming from?”

He sat down next to me again. “Mimi, come on, you can see what’s going on in the world, -If it weren't for religion...-surely? If it weren’t for religion…”
His voice trailed off and as he was about to take in a breath of fresh air, I noted,

“Religion doesn’t do anything Brad. It’s people and their interpretation of religion that can be a problem.”

He got up again, down. Up once more. He sure was passionate about the subject.

“So Mimi, you’re saying that the Bible doesn’t tell people to kill each other if they don’t believe according to the teachings?” And before I could answer, he continued. “You do know about the Inquisition and all the ‘Holy Wars’ that have been raging throughout the ages?”

You do know about the Inquisition and all the Holy Wars-

“Yes, I do Brad,” I said. And then I asked him, “Do you know about God’s Commandments?”

Brad shook his head as he walked back to the tap. “What do they have to do with anything,” he asked. “Does anyone even care about those anymore?”

“Good question Brad and pertinent too. You’re absolutely right. For all sorts of different reasons lots of ‘believers’ indeed don’t think that these Commandments apply to them. Many are of the opinion that their faith sets them above the law.

To get back to your other questions Brad, yes, I know about the Inquisition and all the GODS COMMANDMENTS‘Holy Wars’ and as far as I’m concerned the Commandments have everything to do with this. And you know why?”

He just stood there looking at me not quite sure where the conversation was going. So I continued,
“I tell you why the Commandments matter. They matter because the Commandments tell us not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to commit adultery, not to covet, to honour our elders and so on. This is what God’s Word teaches us right from the very beginning. The Commandments set a moral standard for the whole of society.

We were taught to be nice to our neighbour and to treat foreigners with kindness and the Bible tells us that those simple ten rules constitute love. They are a benchmark, a measure to live by and live up to.”

Brad looked at me and said, “Sounds wonderful. Mimi. Here’s a reality check for you, NO one is paying any attention or listening to any of those rules, nor following them.”

“Exactly my point Brad. It isn’t for me to judge if anyone is following God’s rules; what I notice however is that many believers follow all kinds of rules but not necessarily The Ten.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful indeed if we were to follow those ten simple rules? There’s PEOPLE INTERPRETnothing wrong with those rules, is there? There’s nothing wrong with the Bible either.  What’s wrong is that all through the ages and still today, people interpret God’s Word any way they like to suit their own purposes.

The Bible tells us to love one another. We’re taught that Jesus’ disciples will be known for their love for each other, we’re encouraged to turn the other cheek, bless our enemies and we’re taught that God is love and if we do not love we do not have God in us.

Can you find fault with any of that Brad?”

He looked bewildered. “But Mimi, no one is DOING that ‘loving thing.’ All these so called religious people are killing each other!”

“I know that Brad,” I said.

“Does that make the Commandments wrong or the people?


-If it weren't for religion...- (1)Brad scratched his head as he asked; “What are these again, the Commandments?”

So Brad, my friend, this is for you.

God’s Holy Word from the very beginning from Mount Sinai.

Does the Bible tell us what love is? Yes, the Bible tells us what love is.

God is love and He tells us that not lying, killing, stealing etc constitutes love.

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This is love according to the prophets with a little help from 'Moments in Love.' Music courtesy of Art of Noise.

I write about this all the time because I am passionate about it. Here is another article that gives you biblical references  and here also for our ‘love’ theme.

And here is a repeat of the disclaimer for my fellow religious friends who believe differently from me; I love you.

DISCLAIMER for my religious friends who believe differently- Mark 9-37-39, John 13-34-36 and 1 John 5-2. (2)



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God’s law is all about love.

What is love? This is love according to the prophets with a little help from ‘Moments in Love.’ Music courtesy of Art of Noise.


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If ye love me’ …

 The best piece of marriage advice.

What is the best piece of marriage advice you’ve been given – or have discovered in your own relationship?
Tyler Ward asked me this question after I downloaded his ‘Marriage Hacks: 25 ways to make love last.’ I’ve read through half of the book and come across some great tips; I recommend that you get your own copy. And if you have any thoughts on the topic, please share in the comments.

I am delighted that Tyler asked me what I thought. I am a bit of a sucker for tradition, loyalty and consistency myself and after practicing for 39 years with variable results I’ve gone to babes and little children for advice and come back with the following answer.

How to describe love

One of the nicest ways I’ve heard love describe was by a little child. When the seven year old was asked what she thought love was all about, she wrinkled her nose and stated with authority that, ‘Love is when your name is safe in someone’s mouth.’

Love is when your name is safe in someone’s mouth

I’ll definitely go with that one and will do my very best to keep everyone’s name safe in my mouth. Without a doubt that is what Jesus meant when he reiterated His Fathers Word and said that we are to, love each other and not to speak idle words or call anyone a fool.

To get a better handle on the whole loving and relationship thing I decided to find out more in-depth what our Creator and His Son have to say about love.

Love each other

Jesus taught us in many different ways what love was all about. Jesus told us not to say bad things about each other and He repeated his Father’s Word when He stated that we are to love others ‘as ourselves.

Jesus personified love. He said, Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends and Jesus proceeded to do just that when he sacrificed his life for the sake of others. Jesus didn’t just tell us what to do, he showed us in action and then invited us to follow Him.

If ye love me …

Did Jesus tell us what love is?

Yes, He did.

He told us that we shall recognise his disciples by the love they have for each other.  And he spelled out for us what we are to do if we want to follow him, if ye love me keep my commandments. This makes it rather easy to detect fakes.

Jesus told all the lawless ones to stay away from him. After Jesus died, his first hand Peter assured Jesus three times in a row that he loved Him. To which Jesus responded, feed my lambs and sheep and follow me. When we follow Jesus we’re expected to walk as he walked.

Did Jesus say that just faith and believing in Him will do?

No, he didn’t. He said like His Father did before Him, if ye love me keep my commandments. Which commandments? The Ten.

God is love

The bible tells us that God is love and that we either love God or we love the world. But to love both at the same time is not possible. If you love the world you cannot love God and if you love God you cannot love the world. This is according to scripture.

It’s the same with our life. Jesus says that those who love their life will lose it and those who hate their lives will keep it unto life eternal. Hating your life is fine.  Hating your brother/sister however will get you in BIG trouble.

God made me to laugh.

When I read those lines, my life started to make sense to me for the first time ever. And once more God made me to laugh! Hahaha, much as I tried to love all the perks of a charmed life, it just didn’t do it for me. How is it possible to love wealth and riches when there is so much unresolved poverty and suffering all around us? Guess who run in rat races? You are very welcome to the bonuses of privileged lifestyles. It just doesn’t do it for me.
God’s Word however I love with a passion, His Son; I’m head over the heels. Hahaha, too good!

So what is the love of God?

According to scripture the love of God is this; that we keep his commandments and there is nothing terrible about His commandments.

What is love?

The bible is very clear about what love is. It tells us that, This is love, that we walk after his commandments. This is the commandment, that, as ye have heard from the beginning, ye should walk in it.

The best piece of marriage advice?

One of my wannabe partners told me, ‘I Could Be So Good For You, love ya like you want me to’ and he certainly made a good attempt. Another told me, Love is doing the dishes. I did all dishes always, by hand and the cooking also; it didn’t keep our marriage together. On reflection maybe we should have gone out more for meals or maybe I should buy myself a dishwasher and get together with a cook next time around. On occasion I still play and listen to both the songs though and think they’re pretty sweet tunes and lyrics.

Here’s my answer Tyler.

So here’s my answer to your question Tyler with regards to the best piece of marriage advice. Marriage is all about love, as is every relationship I’ve ever been involved in. What is love? Love is being good to each other according to the directions given to us by our Creator. Quite straightforward really, a child and anyone with a sincere heart can do it.

The Commandments sum up how we are to love.

It is pretty simple, the Commandments sum up how we are to love.

Our name is safe in the mouth of those who love us because loving people don’t lie, kill, hate, steal, covet and so on.

The Commandments done away with? Not by those who follow the Father and His Son in earnest. Maybe by the holier than thou’s and the lawless ones. And we all know what The Father and Jesus had to say about them.

God knows our heart.

God knows our heart and love is love regardless of colour, country or creed and keeping people’s name safe in our mouth is a good start.

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